Hannah Zillessen

PhD Candidate in Economics

University of Oxford


I am a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of Oxford.

I work at the intersection of public economics, labour economics & household finance --- with a focus on the determinants of choice under uncertainty and social policies.

In my job market paper, I examine the role that uncertainty about citizenship prospects and future location plays in explaining migrant saving choices and wealth inequality. I demonstrate that becoming eligible to naturalise, increases migrants' saving rate by 30% --- completely closing a previously detrimental gap. This is driven by them holding off on country specific investments in the presence of even small uncertainty over future right to stay and quality of life in the host country.

Before starting my PhD, I completed the MPhil in Economics at the University of Oxford and my undergraduate studies at the University of Cologne. In between the two, I worked for Sony Pictures. For more details, see my CV.

You can contact me at: hannah.zillessen@economics.ox.ac.uk.